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Farm Anderlbauer • Family Gruber
Dorfgastein - Gasteinertal - Austria
Tel. +43 6433 7326 oder +43 676 933 37 11

Farm Anderlbauer

We run our farm as a family business with much love for nature and our animals. In 2009 we built our new stable building, so that we can offer our animals a beautiful, species-appropriate home.

  • On our farm live 10 mother cows with their calves, which may spend the summer together on the alpine pasture.
  • Our sheep and lambs are at home all year round and serve as practical lawnmowers around the farm and in the orchard.
  • The pigs and chickens also live on the farm all year round and can be admired when visiting the barn.
  • Since 2020 we also have ducks and quails at Anderlhof, which feel very comfortable in their new home.
  • In addition, there are still small sweet rabbits, which make our animal family complete :-)

In addition to the animals we have a large orchard, which gives us countless kilos of apples, pears and rowan berries every year.

These are then processed into delicious juice and schnapps. In addition, Sonja's farmer's garden offers many delicious delicacies, which can be bought in the form of jams, liqueurs, etc. in the farm shop.

Our agriculture is run as a sideline.

Our guests are welcome to help with the stable work and thus gain an insight into life on the farm.